Friday, June 28, 2013

Double Digits...

Dear Jacob,
Today you are one decade old. Double digits seems so big, and you are. Big heart, big smile, always kind.

You hold a place in my heart reserved only for first born children; that little space that grew my heart right out of my chest; that space where love is all you need, and one look at you and everything was right with the world.

As you've grown taller, I've grown braver. As you've navigated your way in this sometimes cruel world, I've fought to make it a better place. We've grown together, you and I.

You are my North Star; my light in the dark; my blue sky on cloudy days. You are the "I love you, mama" when I'm upset; the "good job, mama" after my race, the "are you ok, mama?" if I'm sick.

You are joy and passion and everything sports.

You are wise and kind and such a good friend.

I am so proud to say I'm your mama, and yep, that's my son.

I know you're growing up and with that away. Friends will soon be coming first, and that will be ok. That's how it's supposed to be. Just remember we'll always be your home plate...even if you strike out.