Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tips for New Moms...not really

I don't give advice...especially to new mothers.

It's not that I don't want to help, if someone asks me, I'll be glad to tell them what worked for me...but usually you just have to figure out what works best on your own.

Sooo, when Sue came up with this Monday Listicle topic, I decided I needed to rebel, no offense, Sue. 

Here's my list of random...stuff.

I ran in the half-marathon on Saturday. It was AWESOME!!!!  I mean, it was take-your-breath-away, swallow-the-huge-lump-in-my-throat AWESOME!!

I finished in 1:54:40. I know, who cares about the seconds, right? Runners do; I do; the timer attached to my shoe did. I came in 493rd place out of 1418 other half-marathoners. I know, who cares what place I came in?

I do.

Those people? Best cheerleaders EVER!!

The sunrise? Amazing. Breathtaking. Beautiful.

The scenery? Not quite as vivid as this...but close. As I came down a hillside, I looked over my shoulder and saw a thousand other runners with the rising sun silhouetting their outlines in a giant line behind me. It was one of those moments etched in my memory; so vivid in detail I won't soon forget it.

In between the cheer-zones, and when the nervous chatter of the runners died down, the only sounds were the pounding of thousands of shoes against the pavement; the breaths of a thousand people in perfect harmony; all of us solace-seeking, lone runners uniting in one huge group run, not alone anymore.

My dad asked how I felt today; if I was sore or not.

I feel great! I feel amazing! I feel like I should have gone for a run today.

Clearly, I didn't run hard enough. I could have pushed myself to run faster; harder; finished stronger.

Maybe I need to put my big-girl pants on and go for the whole marathon next year...


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  1. Good for you and congrats!! Sounds like a great finish to me. Your husband is way taller than you! I can relate- Eric is 15" taller than me. Again congrats- so so awesome