Monday, June 25, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

1. Chalk drawings on warm afternoons.

2. Seeing rainbows with not a cloud in the sky...Can it be called a rainbow if there isn't any rain?

3. Gorgeous, sunny weather, with perfectly cool mornings for running.

4. Coming in 9th place in the 5-K I ran in this weekend. My family meeting me at the finish line with high 5's and a hug.

5. Zoo outings...

even though I threatened to leave the terrific tantrum thrower in the snake cage if he didn't stop. Sometimes, he screams so loudly my ears bleed.

6. Reading

7. My sister

it would be a small miracle if she could just smile for the camera for once in her life.

8. An afternoon full of eating, family, and a very cool train ride.

9. Blooms, right in our own backyard.

10. New running shoes...and shopping for them with all four kids; no disasters; a true miracle.
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  1. Huge congrats on your 5K time speedy! You don't even look winded.