Monday, April 11, 2011

What is it with Mondays?

Woke up late today...slept through my Y alarm...that I'm sure beeped incessantly at 4:40 a.m. I instead woke with a start at 5:40 a.m. Too late to go to the Y, but not too late to lace up the running shoes and run's really dark outside though...and the wind is howling...and I check the temperature, and it's only 40 chilly degrees. But if I don't just suck it up, I won't be able to run today. 
I put the sweatshirt (that I had planned to wear for the day-a.k.a. my GOOD sweatshirt) on, with my fleece pants, threw my hair in half-a-pony, brushed my teeth, popped my earbuds in and ran out the door. I think I looked a bit like a running hobo.
HOLY CRAP!!!!!! It's frigid, and freezing, and the wind is howling!   

I'm sure I'll warm up soon.

It's so dark out, where to run so I feel safe(and won't trip on a crack or uneven pavement)?

I take off at a very fast clip; partly because I'm freezing and I can't wait to start sweating, and partly because I'm really afraid of the dark.

I start to feel a little better after I pass a pair of running buddies...and then another pair a few minutes later...nothing to be afraid of.

With every passing minute, it's getting a little lighter, and I start to warm up a bit...and then I start to sweat.

And after a while, I see the most glorious thing (I've seen it many times before, I've just forgotten about it, and the loveliness of it)...I saw the sunrise. The ACTUAL sun! After so many days of gray, dreary bleakness, I forgot how lovely it is to see the sun again. It's gradual, the sunrise is. It's light, and then bright, and then the sky turns this glorious shade of blue...are you smiling? I was. I was a big, smiling, running-hobo of a dork, smiling at the sun, and the day to come...

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  1. that is dedication! I like my bed too much to get up to run. LOL I did get to the gym today, though.