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Thursday, March 22, 2012

To My Kids

Good thing you are a little charmer, so you can get away with things like...
telling me my cooking smells hideous...

and I'm the worst mom in the history of moms...yeah, that was a good one.

And you, mister, better step away from the computer. I've got a few things to tell you...
You have a few years before puberty hits. Do you have to ask me all of the hard questions already?

And how about you NOT point out every gray hair I have. I'm pretty sure you're the one that gave them to me.

Also, I am not a loser, a wicked witch, the meanest mom ever, or anything else cruel and unusual that you'd like to call me...mmmmmmkay?

And, you two, my Barbie Buddies...don't ever stop being buddies, ok? Because you two sisters are the most adorable (when you get along) sisters in the history of sisters.

Even though, you...

have the eye roll perfected...

I know, I know. I should be so proud. It took me years to master this.

And you...
are the loudest toddler in history. I mean, really loud, and sort of demanding.

Good thing you guys are cute.

And when you're older, I have this blog so I can blackmail you all.

Bwaaaahaaahaaahaaa!! (that was my wicked witch cackle)

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