Friday, April 13, 2012


1 It's gray and rainy and windy around here today and the comma button doesn't work on my keyboard which is messed up

2 The period button only works sometimes and the caps button has been sticking so i have to hold the shift button down when i type

3 it could be that my husband spilled on the keyboard

4 he owes me a new one

5 who knew you could replace the keyboard on a laptop?
good thing he"s brainy

7 remember running down hills like this when you were a kid? 

8 Bridges sometimes freak me out

9 i don"t  have a lot to say today

10 which is good because of the whole keyboard incident

11 blue is my favorite color

jake asked me who my favorite kid was again the other day
i told him whoever gives me the most chocolate and hugs

we visited my dad and step-mom in nebraska over easter weekend

we had such a good time
but the time goes so fast

thanks for reading this comma-less period-less no capital lettered post

stasha-this last picture is for you! i thought of you as soon as i saw the sign

a Monday Listicle Chicks Dont Like Cages...

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