Friday, September 28, 2012

Right Now...

I am loving the gorgeous fall weather; the colors; the bright blue sky against the golds and oranges and reds.

I am loving this little girl who is an only child for 6 hours of the weekdays. She steals my heart and bosses me around and helps me vacuum and then makes a graham cracker mess on the floor and helps me sweep it up. She is obsessed with her ducks; real and stuffed; and could stare at this guy all day if I'd let her.

She thinks she's feeding them with sticks; but as soon as she comes near them they swim away.

I am loving our living room dance parties to our new favorite songs from the new Mumford and Sons album. We turn the music up way too loud; sing way off key, twirl, clap, and collapse on the floor with her requests of more.

I am missing these three hooligans...

but it's good. I'm cutting the cord; giving them wings; hugging them harder; crying a little because my baby boy is struggling with friendships...

but I'll save that for another day; this day is a happy one; happy Friday; happy Fall.

Essence of Now

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