Monday, January 14, 2013

The Sun Always Rises...

even if we don't see it.

I watched the sun come up today after dropping the three big kids off at school. It was 6 degrees, and my 2 year old had to wear my mittens, because we left in a rush to get to school on time and forgot hers. We made a mad dash to the river trail and I held her in my arms as the fiery ball of red came up and spread it's rays between the trees and through the clouds.

This morning was a complete and utter failure of a morning. Tears and fighting and teasing and explosions and more tears. I couldn't wait to get home and work out and work up a sweat and forget about the failing. Instead, I took a detour and followed the sun and found some silence in the sky and showed a little girl how the sun comes up slowly and quickly all at once. Kind of like growing up. Some days feel like they will never end, and all of a sudden, my baby is almost 3.

I can only hope the kids don't dwell on the failure mornings like I do. I hope that as they hang up their coats in their lockers, and say hi to their friends, it's already a distant memory.

Tomorrow morning, we'll try again. Hopefully we'll succeed with one less explosion and smiles instead of tears.

There is no trace of that beautiful sun anymore. The clouds moved in and it is gray and bleak outside again. But I saw that glorious sun come up; I saw its rays spread out in the sky. I remember what it's like to feel warm, and I remember when we had good mornings.

Thank heaven for tomorrows and sunshine.

*all photos taken with my iphone because i also forgot my 'real' camera along with kate's mittens.
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