Sunday, October 9, 2011


I spent the better part of Saturday with my family...and by "my family" I mean my parents, brothers, and sisters. Of course, my kids were there too, but I was a daughter, a sister, and an auntie again. It's good to be taken care of sometimes.

The meal was planned and dessert was made, and I had NO part in any of it. Not that I wouldn't have whipped up a little somethin'-somethin' for dessert, but I didn't HAVE to...and that felt wonderful...speaking of dessert...'re welcome.

The cousins played together the entire time...which meant no fights between my own kids...and that, too, felt wonderful.

It wasn't at my house (which I thought about on the drive home, I did NOT help with clean up...SORRY JESS!!).

We had a good old time talking, laughing, and girl-bonding.

Grandma and Grandpa got to hang with the grandkids.

...I put the camera away before I got pictures of my dad and brothers...they were doing manly guy things, like moving furniture and stuff.
On a side note, my step-mom (above) started running this summer...doesn't she look fabulous? She's a pretty hip granny.

These two cousins are only 3 months apart...they will be trouble when they're older...wait, I think MINE might be trouble, and MayMay might be just along for the ride...again, sorry Jess!

It's always sad to leave...

we always say we need to get together more often...

but life gets in the way sometimes...

so, family of mine? Just know that I love you a lot! It's so fun to get together...

even if it is really loud and wild and crazy...

but we'll blame that on the boys.

You know the drill...right? It's Monday! Go over to Stasha's and link up your list!

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