Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Wonders in My Life

Remember the pure joy and celebration that comes with the delivery of your baby? The astonishment of newborn hands and tiny toes. The contented sighs signaling a full tummy. Tears of amazement and unbridled happiness streaming down your cheeks at this precious, new creation.

Softest skin; warm, sweet breath; snuggling close in the wee hours of the morning when everyone else is still  asleep.

Baby sighs; powder-fresh smells; swaddled in love; wrapped up in kisses.

Long eyelashes; perfect, rosy red lips; tiny pug noses; porcelain skin.

The wonders in my life are to be celebrated; celebrated like on the day of their births and the days immediately following.

Sometimes I forget this, though. While I'm battling in the trenches of the latest war of the siblings; the "He hit me!", and the "She started it!".

Sometimes I forget to celebrate the little things; things like my 5 year old learning to zip his own coat; things like remembering to clear the dirty plates and glasses without a reminder; things like seeing my one year old putting her books back in the bookshelf.

I'm trying to remember to praise them for the simple things; cheer them on when they do a little good; clap my hands when they learn something new.

I'm trying to catch them doing the right things, instead of the wrong...

So that a few years down the road I don't ask myself, Where did I go wrong?

In answer to the Monday Listicle...

I'd love to have more kids...

If I would have a started at a younger age...

But you can't get much more right than two boys and two girls.

       Mama's Losin' It   List your life’s Seven Wonders.   
I really can count...I know there aren't seven wonders listed...but I'm feeling a bit like a rebel. 

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