Friday, October 26, 2012

I Need the Sun...

like I need coffee in the morning. My body craves it and without it I go into withdrawals. It snowed here yesterday. I may have sworn a little.

I asked my husband, who is usually a meteorological genius, if the sun would be coming out today. He said it was supposed to be sunny all day. It is not...but it was for exactly ten minutes this morning. I dropped the kids off at school and hightailed it to our favorite park just a couple of blocks away to witness this...

Holy sunshine batman, it was gorgeous...and then it was gone.

Even though I'm usually a hermit when the temperatures dip below 60 (ok 70), I did bundle up and force myself to the park with the rest of the family earlier this week. I'm so glad I did, because this kid, who has a million facial expressions, graced me with just a few. He never fails to make me laugh.

First time on the tire swing.

First time holding a toad.

Practicing hitting and fielding ground balls....

Giving babies a ride in a box...

 And just to keep it real and not think that the unicorns and fairy dust are always in abundance, here is a tantrum...

 and a tear...(and doesn't she have mad accessorizing skills?)

 And there have been a few wrestling matches before school (the worst kind of wrestling matches if you ask me); and husbands calling during "crunch time" (the 10 minutes before we have to be to school on time) telling me I need to move the car because he rode his bike to work and they are coming to pick up leaves and our car is parked right in front of the leaf pile and I get all fired up at him...yeah, these tantrumming times are just the sprinkles on the cupcake of life. But when it comes down to it, I'll remember the whole cupcake, not just the sprinkles on top.

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  1. Me and you both. I need the sun too. In jan and feb I actually keep lists of things to be happy about. Need that vitamin D. And warmth. And dear god. That first picture. It's stunning. It's amazing.