Friday, October 12, 2012


Fall has fallen, so to speak, and we are soaking up every last ounce of it.

Taking walks on leaf covered trails.

Making leaf angels.

Finding the biggest leaves.

Throwing and jumping and piling and doing it all over again.

I wish I could freeze time...

make these golden, gorgeous moments last just a little longer.

Because these moments? Most of them are golden. Sure there are a few fights and yelling matches between siblings, but that's what siblings do, right? There have to be a few bad moments; a few yelling moments sprinkled in with the good. It can't be sunny all the time (even though I wish it could because the sun and I are the bestest of friends).

They are growing up so amazingly fast; and these moments are fleeting; and I wish I could bottle them up and save them for a rainy day. Instead; they drip through my fingers like water; and as hard as I try to squeeze my fingers tighter, they are gone.

These todays are the good days. I tuck everyone in and think to myself, today was a really good day.

And this morning; on this chilliest of mornings, Kate went for a run with me. I don't have a jogging stroller; just a normal, heavy-duty stroller; and she loved it. All bundled up in blankets and hat and mittens and her little baby (whom she can never leave behind). She didn't make a peep; not a single sound. We made it six glorious miles, and we were truckin'...and why do shadow pictures make me look like Gigantor?

So now I'm on the lookout for a jogging stroller...because that was so much better than running in the big, scary dark. (I have to run in the mornings...I just do).

Hope you're all enjoying some of your very own golden moments...Happy Fall y'all!!

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  1. I'm surprised you've never tried a jogging stroller. Hope you find a good one! We got a Mountain Buggy on Craigslist several years ago and it has served us well.