Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Things

As the weather turns dark and gray and the skies are threatening to snow, I'm finding myself gathering up happy thoughts like a squirrel collects nuts for the impending doom of winter. I'm writing them down; capturing photos and storing them in my memory bank so when I'm in hibernation mode, finding it difficult to even step foot out the door, I can look back and see that winter doesn't actually last forever. It just seems like it.

Some happy things that I'm collecting right now...

Great friends. Friends that don't judge; listen to you vent; laugh with; text with; drown your sorrows with; smile with; commiserate with; build you up when you feel torn down; confide in...I can't imagine living a life without friends.

My favorite running trail with leaves still on trees .

Family game night.

Little girls painting their nails all by themselves.

Impromptu zoo trips on days off of school.

Pumpkin carving disasters...

We didn't carve pumpkins until last night, and everyone was so excited!!to do all of the carving and the picking out of the seeds and scrape the insides and hollow those suckers out, and in all of the excitement all of the kids came in from the wet, muddy outdoors and walked right over our newish tan carpet with very wet, muddy shoes. Disaster of all disasters...not really, but it feels like it when it's edging closer to bedtime. I put everything on hold because it had to be cleaned up rightthisveryminute!! So they all stood on the front porch, looking in through the window, waiting with their pumpkins at their feet and I felt like the biggest ass. Take a deep breath, count to ten, it's only carpet and dirt and it can be cleaned, let's start over and carve these darn pumpkins like they've never been carved before. Kids can do do-overs so easily, me? not-so-much. But as I was scraping out the guts and emptying the insides, I realized that I'm kind of like a pumpkin being hollowed out sometimes; I think we all are. Scrape out the yuck to make room for the light we put inside. And when we light that candle we glow and shine and everyone can only see what we've become, not the yuck we've just emptied ourselves of. The pumpkins turned out wonderfully, and the dirt on my carpet has been cleaned, like the whole thing never happened.

Glow bright little pumpkins...and Happy Halloween.


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