Thursday, October 10, 2013

I'm Back!

I've missed writing. I've been writing in one form or another since I was old enough to form words and string them into sentences. I had a brown diary with a gold lock when I was little. I wrote things in there like, I love Bobby, who was two years older than me and had blonde hair and didn't know I even existed. That was in the 3rd grade, exactly the age my daughter is right now. I'm pretty sure she doesn't love any 5th graders yet, and she's certainly not doodling about them in her diary...I hope.

After the brown diary, I graduated to a wide-lined spiral notebook, with doodles on the front cover in my loopy, pre-teen cursive writing. Then it was a black binder with loose leaf paper, and finally I got some real journals, with inspirational quotes and pretty pictures on the cover. The point is, I've always written. I've always told my story, even if nobody else has read it but me.

I was looking through my summer photos the other day...thousands of them...and I realized that writing and photos and creativity need to be let loose from my overflowing mind. My fingers have gotten twitchy from not tapping our stories out on the keyboard; just like my legs do when they haven't run for a week or two. My creative juices need to be squeezed again; my fingers need to dance over the keyboard; my words need to be strung together again; and my memories need to be written.

So, I'm dumping some photos, and working my way backwards through the summer, which was jam packed with moving into a new house, and baseball, and softball, and trips up North on vacation, and pool days, and beach days, and really, really good days full of laughing, and playing, and no-school-lazy-days of summer...the best kind of days.

 First day of school.

My youngest, the pistol.

She has completely given up on naps...see?

Anna the fierce and mighty.

Conquering fears.

P.J. fishing is the best kind of fishing.

He's always been surrounded by light, from the second he was born. I love this photo so much.

And these sunset photos are SOOC. The sunsets up North are really just that gorgeous.

Sunset swimming.

Our house is almost unpacked; most of the pictures are hung; and everything is settled, right where it belongs, as are we. I didn't realize that this was our dream house until we were all moved in, and I laced up my running shoes and ran right down the block to get on my favorite running trail; the trail that I used to have to run a couple miles to get on before; and while I was running, I remembered how I would always think to myself, I wish we lived in this neighborhood, in one of these houses, and now we do...the reality is so much better than I dreamed it to be.

Isn't this the biggest wish maker you've ever seen? 

The last few photos were taken with my iPhone on my runs...I have a thing for the rising sun. And the setting sun. And maybe sun rays too.


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