Monday, May 30, 2011

Beano Turns 5!

Holy I wrote that title, I can NOT believe he is 5!

My baby BABY for so long...until Katelyn came along a year ago.

A few facts about my Beano:

His real name is Camden. When he was an itty-bitty baby, my husband started calling him Bambino...and the older two kids couldn't say it, so they shortened it to Beano. And every time I called him that I always thought of the medicine Bean-o..."there will be-no gas".  When anyone asks him what his name is, he always replies, Beano, and then I explain what his REAL name is. And up until two days ago, he didn't know how to spell his real name...even though he's been able to spell Beano for YEARS...oops. 

Another thing you should know about him is his ability to suck his thumb no matter what else he's doing. It's a real talent. Here's a couple examples...

Coloring Easter one point he stuck his thumb in the vinegar water...but that didn't stop him. 

 Another thing about my little Beano is his new love of "naughty" words. As I was tucking him into bed the other night he said, "Good night you ugly old lady"...ouch! He called me a "barnacle head" yesterday...thank you SpongeBob. He has also been known to call me a "miniac"...I know he means maniac, but this grammatical slip-up I will not be correcting.  Stupid, dumb, hate, and idiot all roll off his tongue quite well these days...all of which give him a trip to the "naughty corner".  

But for as many naughty things he says or does he makes up for ten-fold with his sweetness. He'll be the first to tell me he loves me, and often wraps himself around my legs.  He shares his beloved blanket (think Linus from Snoopy) with me when I'm cold. He shares his chocolate with me as he whispers, "Don't tell Jake and Anna".  He has been counting down the days until his birthday since May 1st. It's the first thing he tells me in the morning and the last thing before he goes to bed.  

He loves his best-buddy brother, and his sisters too(most of the time). 

He loves ALL things sweet. <---------------BIGGEST UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR.

He is hugely hilarious...and makes us laugh out loud. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEANO!!! You'll forever be my baby boy.  

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