Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day...Then vs. Now

Mother's Day last year was pretty much a bust.

I had a 3 week old precious, adorable, I-never-wanted-to-put-down newborn baby whose novelty had COMPLETELY worn off with the two kidlet boys in my life. They wanted nothing more than to "send her back where she came from", in the words of my then 6 year old son.

How was I to know that this sweet little peanut of a girl could completely turn my boys' lives upside down. (I don't mention Anna in this because she was and still is the proud big sis, always wanting to help and never getting mad at her tiny little sis).

Anyways, the kids got up and were excited for the day ahead. They gave me the handmade cards, and the gift from school (a planted flower in a decorated cup), and we were going to head out for brunch with my parents(along with the entire population of the city). It came time to sign the cards(I think someone signed Jacob's name for him), and HE SNAPPED. He was throwing pens at people, he was knocking over kitchen chairs, he was slamming his bedroom door, he was yelling out "I HATE YOU"(ouch, that one stung a bit), and telling me to send Katelyn back. Now if anyone knows my Jacob, he is the kindest, most sensitive, NICEST boy in the to hear the words that were coming out of his mouth, well it was like he slapped me...and HARD. This boy was like a bipolar rider on a roller coaster of emotions, and I was just trying to hang on for dear life.

Of course I tried to reason with him, tried to ignore him, told him we were leaving, so LET'S GO NOW!! I don't remember how we convinced him to finally come out of the house and into the truck, all I remember is when we got to the restaurant, there was a LINE. OUT. THE. DOOR. I told the hubby to take me back home, there was no way I was going into that place with a line like that and a newborn baby that need to nurse every hour(I'm all for nursing but not for showing the ladies to the entire city's population).

The kids were mad and crying because we weren't going to stay. I was upset because THEY were upset. Finally my mom comes to the rescue and says, "Why don't you just leave the kids to eat with us, and you and the baby can go home?".


What a brilliant idea! I was outta there faster than greased lightening.

I took that baby home, and rocked her, and snuggled her, and I'm sure fed her, and tried with all my might to erase the terribleness of what was that morning.

The rest of the day wasn't exactly "picture perfect"...more tantrums, more tears, I think even some more door slamming. I remember thinking..."What have I done to my family?".

Fast forward exactly one year...
Mother's Day...2011

This is Jacob and me...Mother's Day, 2011

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