Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The words come to me from my runner's steps; my runner's breath...they swirl and twirl and I wonder how I can think coherently with the music blaring.

My love affair; my magic place; my happy place; leave it all behind; don't look back, though; always moving forward; running farther...

Run fast, run far, run free; run from yourself only to find yourself.

Stripped down with every step; naked to your very soul. I've forgotten it can be beautiful...my soul, that is...I get lost sometimes...bogged down; but it is a beautiful soul. Forgive yourself in the finding; remind yourself you're still you...you're not lost; with every step you get closer to you; the real you; the forgotten you; the buried under ten loads of laundry you; the lover, the hoper, the dreamer you...the happy, smiling, fun you...that you is so much better...with each drop of sweat that drips the you feels more free; more beautiful...because beauty really does come from within...you feel graceful when you run...and after the run you're filled with grace...funny how that works...getting back to you so you can give back to others.

Run long; run solo; run hard; run happy; run free and fast and take an impromptu run because it feels crazy good...

Just run.

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