Saturday, July 16, 2011

Things I Like About Me...

This sounds tougher than it should be.

It's easier to focus on the negative sometimes, than the positives.

I'm learning to do the opposite with my own children and praise them loudly for what they do RIGHT. 

For myself, though, the self-doubt always creeps in, and when I look in the mirror, my eyes drift to the flaws first.

I do like a challenge, though, so I will rack my brain, and participate in this "Things I Like About Me".

I like my eyes. People give me compliments on them quite often, even complete strangers. Thank you Dad, for your lovely genes.

I like my runner's legs; they are strong and healthy.

I like my tiny "ladies"...something I've always wished for and have finally gotten after nursing four babies.

I like my white, mostly-straight teeth; thanks to my dentist and Crest White Strips.

I like my arms; thanks to push-ups and almost daily runs; oh and a 20 pound baby that still likes to be carried on my hip.

Now for my "insides".

I like my sensitive, mushy side. I can well up at the sign of other people's tears, or a sappy movie, or book.

I like the fact that as I've grown older, I'm not afraid to say what I think needs to be said;  or stand up to a bully; or stand my ground on something I feel strongly about.

I like the fierce love I feel for my children, and my need to protect them from harm.

I like that I think a strict bedtime is important; to my sanity as well as my children's.

I like the fact that I have accepted myself as WHO I AM, even if it has taken nearly 36 years to do so.

What is it you like about YOU?

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