Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who IS the Boss?

This lady...

is the boss of the house.  And I don't just mean the play house out back.

We have started calling her the Queen, and referring to her as "your Majesty". She marches around here as if she owns the place; pays all of the bills; makes all of the rules.

She rules the least OUR world.

Everything revolves around this tiny ruler; must do things around her nap time; must not stay out too late for fear of wrecking her bed time...which we REALLY do not want to mess with.

In the first few months of her life, our world revolved around her feedings (I didin't really dig nursing my baby in public, especially with three other kids hanging on me). So we rushed to do things in between those sometimes constant feedings; the park, the library, the store, the errands, the baseball games; must feed the baby before we go; or come on, let's go, I need to feed the baby. 

She knows she's the ruler; she has the boys wrapped around her cute little finger...

 See what I mean? Jake came over to give her a bite, set his bat down for a moment, and this is what happened...
He gave her his popsicle, and she ended up with his bat. (TRUE STORY)

She has us girls trained well also...


She has the fake cry mastered; the one that produces no tears and stops the instant she gets what she wants. It is a powerful weapon.

She also has the fake cough mastered; the one in which everyone stops what they are doing and asks, Are you OK?

We must try to overthrow our Queen from her throne...and do it soon. I fear she will be the ruler of the worst kind if we don't stop her soon.

But for now...

She makes a pretty cute boss.

5.) Write a post where the first and last sentence contain any form of the word “boss.”

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