Sunday, September 4, 2011

Animals at the Zoo

I must share a secret...that's not really a secret to all who know me well.

I'm not really a fan of animals...

I mean, I've had hermit crabs and fish for pets and all, and I love going to the zoo, but I don't like hairy animals in my house.

I think it goes back to when I was 4 or 5 and got bit by a dog...a big dog...and I've been afraid of them ever since.

So, Stasha presented us with a list of 10 about anything to do with animals; here's my feeble attempt to come up with ten.

1. I love frogs...but don't like to touch them...we recently rescued a bunch from our egress window.

2. I like caterpillars...and the butterflies they turn into...we recently had a funeral for them after my two middle kids tried to pick them up with scissors.

3. See this thing? It's the skeleton of some big, gross bug...just hanging out in our backyard...disgusting!

4. My dad and step-mom had a really nice cat...the kids loved her...she is now dead.

5. My kids love to fish...and so do I...but I won't touch them; or the bait; or eat the fish after they've been caught...gross, gross, and really gross.

6. Katelyn went through a stage not too long ago...who am I kidding? She's still in that stage where she puts everything in her mouth...even boxelder bugs and asian beetles...disgusting.

Those are actually chocolate chips, NOT bugs.
7. As long as I'm talking about insects, I'll throw in a worm picture for your enjoyment. I really hate two middle kids collect them...the smell makes my oldest kid dry joke.
8. Since I'm all out of ideas for animals, I'll show you pictures of my kids...because they often act like animals...

Wild, crazy, born-in-a-barn...
 wrestling, yelling...
 ANIMALS I tell you!

9. I do SO love my animals, though.

Have a list of ten? Or nine, like me...go link up with The good life! And while you're there, I guarantee you'll be inspired by Stasha's gorgeous photos.

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