Thursday, September 1, 2011

Locked Out

We did it again.

We angered the beast.

We're so naughty. But it was an accident...wasn't it?

I'm so clumsy...and stupid.

I hate it when she yells; screams; swears at us.

She's locked us out? She can't do that...can she? Won't she get in trouble?

Where will we go?

I'm hungry.

Why does my sister always tell me to shut-up?

My sister always knows what to do.

Let's swing.

I'm cold.

When will she unlock the door? Let's pound on it...she has to let us in now, right?


Can't we call someone to help us?

I'm SO hungry.

I'm not going to cry...I'm so afraid, though.

What are we going to do? What will happen if she doesn't let us in?

"We're sorry!".

I want my dad.

  1.) Write a post about a childhood memory as if you’re in that moment again…from the perspective of yourself as that child.

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