Monday, September 5, 2011

Childhood Memories

Bare feet running through cool, evening grass.

Popsicle mustaches giving cold, sloppy kisses.

Hide-and-seek; freeze-tag-you're-it; on-your-mark-get-set-go!; backyard baseball; wagon rides around the block.

Grass-stained knees from sliding into home; butterfly chasing; pool-splashing fun.

Bubble-blowing; sidewalk-chalking; sprinkler-running; sand-castle-making memories of lazy summer days.

All of these childhood memories are from my own children.

My memories of them running, jumping, playing.

These are the childhood memories I want to remember; wrapped up in big, giant hugs and goodnight kisses.

These are the childhood memories not to be forgotten.

Will they remember them too?


This prompt was "I miss my childhood...".

I had to switch it up a bit...

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