Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Miss Summer

I miss the late sunset and early sunrise.

I miss the picnic-park-lunches in the middle of the week.

I miss the go-from-pj's-to-swimsuits all day-and-back-to-pj's wardrobe.

I miss the stay up late on Wednesday just because we can.

I miss the warm, bright sun giving my cheeks a rosy, red kiss.

I miss walking barefoot through the warm, freshly mowed summer grass.

I miss the lazy mornings.

I miss being warm and eating ice cream to stay cool.  I never eat ice cream in the just makes me colder. You'd think dressing in 4 layers would keep me'd be wrong. I hate being cold...I do not hate being hot.

I know it's not really cold yet, but it's in the air. I can already feel it. I'm already bracing myself. I already have my ice scraper handy (and have already had to use it one day).

I miss summer.

Thank you, Stasha, for giving me one last tribute to summer...I will dream about it all winter. 

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