Sunday, September 18, 2011

Olden Days

Ten things you wish kids could do like back in the day.

Well, leave it to me, I'm going to be a rebel again.

I'm glad my kids didn't live in the olden days.

1. Were there fun places to go, such as splash pads?

2. Would we have to live on a farm and get our milk from milking the cows? And raise chickens just to kill them for food? I'm not really much of a farm girl.

3. I doubt there were inflatable bounce houses back then...

4. Where we could lay during the day...

5. And watch the clouds go by.

6. And when were girls allowed to play baseball?

7. I KNOW there weren't all the varieties of M&M's like today.

8. I don't really have anything against the olden days...

9. But I sure am glad to live in this day and age.

10. What would I do without my Blackberry?

11. Yes, I realize my list is pretty much a fail. I couldn't think of anything good to write. Don't worry, there's always next Monday!

  You know the drill...right? Make a list, go visit Stasha, link up your list, and while you're there, check out her photos...FOR REAL!!

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