Thursday, December 1, 2011

"The Best Way Out...

is always through"...Robert Frost.

You know when everything is a fight?

From the time the kids pop their eyes open, they fight; they punch, they bicker, they nag, they crawl under each other's skin until one of them claws their way out.

When a sick little boy refuses to take his prescribed medicine so he doesn't end up in the hospital with a full-blown case of pneumonia; and I'm all out of ideas to cheer him on, scare him into, bribe him with anything, so I make him sit at the table until he takes it, which results in lots of tears, lots of yelling, and two hours later it's bedtime and he hasn't eaten, or showered, or done his three days worth of homework from missed school days.

When I pick a fight with my husband because he didn't get the right kind of cereal from the grocery store; and all I wanted was a "Stupid box of Lucky Charms!!", and he asks why didn't I put it on the list? And I feel like screaming "Because you're supposed to read my mind!!".

When I'm tired all the way down to my bones, and my "out" is always a good run, except I don't have the energy to even lace up my running shoes.

When I battle with myself; the guilt of the day gives way to tears and I finally succumb to a fitful slumber; waking up to a new today; a fresh start; my running shoes have already been laced up and sweated up and my yesterday is worked through, and my guilty conscience has started to ease up with every step.

Some days are hard.

Some days are a fight.

Some days you just need to get through, to get to a better tomorrow.

Mama's Losin' It

1.) What did you go through in order to get out? “The best way out is always through”  (Inspired by  Shatterboxx and some dude named Robert Frost)

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