Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mug Shots of the Sick

For the last three weeks, my kids have all taken turns being sick.

The first offenders...

Ear infection and strep throat.

See the one in the middle? Yep, him. Started hacking and wheezing and had the beginnings of pneumonia.

My second offender, who had never even had a fever in her whole 19 month life...

ended up with an ear infection.

And, we have repeat offenders.

Both had to go back to the doctor and had sinus infections.  This time there were shots involved. I had to hold the one in red down. Don't tell him I told you, but he's kind of a wimp.  And? Sinus infections are TOUGH on almost 2 year olds. There was a lot of rocking and cuddling and no-laundry-doing days involved.

I thought this little guy was going to escape it all. Three weeks had gone by with hardly even a cough.

I thought his spunky spirit might save him...

I was wrong. He ended up with strep throat.

Hopefully my last offender of this three week sick spell; another repeat offender...

Another ear infection.

1. Is this ten?

2. Does this qualify as a list?

3. Because I had a really great post for last weeks Listicles and never got around to publishing it.

4. I know I'm way off topic.

5. I must confess...I missed the topic for this week.

6. But I do hope you all don't mind me posting pictures of my sick kids.

7. My new Christmas wish is for everyone to be healthy so we can bake our cookies.

8. And attend our Christmas programs.

9. And finish the Christmas shopping.

10. And be well enough for Santa to make a stop at our house.

See how I did that? I came up with a list of ten so Stasha wouldn't kick me out of her listicles. Not that she would...she's too sweet for that...and I don't think she has any rules.

Please don't mind my ramblings and go visit The Good Life for more lists...that are much more exciting than mine!

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