Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Dream House...

A few years ago, I dreamed of making this beautiful gingerbread house with the kids.

It would look just like the picture on the box.

The kids would help, as I lovingly guided their little hands in the right direction, putting the little candy pieces in exactly the right spot.

It would turn out to be a yearly tradition.


That's not exactly how it happened.

So this year, I decided to...

Lower my standards.

Let the kids decorate it however they wanted.

There was no guiding of the hands.

They could eat the candy in between the decorating.

They licked the frosting; they licked their fingers; they may have even licked the table.

But you know what?

It was so much better than my perfect little made-up dreams of the perfect little gingerbread house.

It was fun...

For me AND for them. 

And this is a tradition I think we'll be doing again and again.

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