Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ten Reasons...

Why running outside in January is awesome.

1. Today was the first day I've run since Thanksgiving weekend. YIKES! (Sick kids, holidays, cookie baking, Christmas shopping, not a full nights sleep due to sick know, the usual excuses).

2. I have, however, been Shredding it up with the awesomely annoying Jillian Michaels...

3. But it is SO not the same.

4. Running outdoors is awesome anytime.

5. But when it's January 8th, and the weather in Minnesota is usually cold, cloudy, snowy, icy, and just generally sucktastic...

6. Running outside is even better.

7. Better because this is the first year I've run outside in January.

 This is today, people...January Minnesota...awesome.

8. I'm usually at the gym, fighting the New Year's Resolutioners for a treadmill...

9. Never fear, though, I usually win...except this one time when I overslept a bit, and there was not one treadmill to be had.

10. Running outside in January is awesome...that is all.

 I honestly can't believe what a huge weirdo I am to take a picture of myself while running...don't worry, I looked around to see if anyone was looking before I snapped this.
Do my cheeks look chubby? I think I'm still carrying around a little holiday weight.

Wow! That was a ramble of a post...I'm sure if you head over to Stasha's, there are plenty of non-rambling posts that are much better reads.

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