Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Still Here...

Although you wouldn't know it by how neglected my little blog is.

Three of the four kids have had the flu this week; so here are some pictures to look at so I don't have to bore you with puke stories.

 I can't wait until this park is covered with flowers instead of snow.

And there are leaves on the trees.

And it doesn't take us ten minutes to bundle up to go and pick up the older kids from school.

And what do you do when the kids are all too sick to go to school, but well enough to eat? That's right, you make some cookies...
But, think twice about trying a new recipe on just a few half-hours of sleep. Either the recipe sucks (which I doubt), or I screwed up the recipe (highly likely). Jacob must have told me 50,000 times that he's never had cookies that were so hard before! And on the 49,999th time, I told him, OK! I'll never make this recipe again! I'm going to blame the recipe.

I'm not sure what that perfectly delicious M&M is doing on a peanut butter sandwich that only has one bite out of it, and the one bite wasn't the bite with the perfectly delicious M&M on's a crime is what it is.

So here's to hoping the fourth kid doesn't get sick.

Thanks for listening to me ramble!!

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  1. So sorry the kids were all sick :(. Not fun. Love that last shot. I am so glad we don't have to bundle up everyday- dont miss the cold.
    And yes definitely the recipes fault