Sunday, February 5, 2012


1. I have nothing for Monday Listicles.

2. Because it's Super Bowl Sunday.

3. And I was making Monster Cookies.

4. Which are pretty much the most delicious cookies ever. And they have to be a little healthy with all of the oatmeal in there, yes? Nevermind the huge globs of peanut butter, real butter and M&M's.

5. And before that I ate huge piles of wings...

6. And after the cookies I ate pizza.

7. So, all in all, a very healthy day of eating.

8. Also, my girls are very sparkly today...

9. I love to watch the Super Bowl...mainly for the commercials.

10. Of course, the M&M commercial was my favorite...naked, dancing M&M's...can't get much funnier than that (for a chocolate lover anyway).

11. So did your team win? Do you care who won? Or are you just in it for the food and commercials?

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