Thursday, February 2, 2012


This is me...

sitting on the floor of the kitchen, because that is where we plopped.

My littlest wrapping her arms around my legs; then patting the floor for me to sit and read books; my heart can't resist even though my mind is telling me my list of to-do's aren't yet finished; then again they never are.

So we sit on the hard floor, looking at the brightly colored pictures while I wait for my afternoon coffee to kick in; knowing that in a few minutes we'll have to pick up the older two kids from school; and I need a different kind of energy for them. Parenting school aged children requires a mental sort of energy that some days I'm lacking. The homework, the attitudes, the complaining, the sass.

While I prepare for the big kids, I let my mind wander, and think about nothing except peek-a-boo...

what book we're going to read next...

where my slippers went...

and how fast they grow up.

And, when did I start needing a cup of afternoon coffee?

Mama's Losin' It

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