Monday, May 28, 2012

Humble Pie

Anyone want a slice?

Well, I'm not sharing.

My favorite race of the year: the Memorial Day 10-K; ready to smash my PR into pieces.

Perfect weather

My biggest cheerleaders were there, me wearing my bright pink shirt-so they could see me in the crowd...

The race course had changed, making it safer for the runners.
Don't you want to look at the map?
Nope, I'll just follow everyone else.
Little did I know, the 2-milers started at the same time.
Crap, I followed the wrong people. And ran on my merry way. And 15 minutes later, I crossed the finish line. Way too soon.

My number was disqualified.

My biggest fans came over asking what happened, my husband shaking his head; for he knows me too well; and everyone else that knows me will not find it hard to believe that I went the wrong way; such a "Jen" thing to do.

I told the kids having to eat humble pie is good once in a while. Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, realize that yes, sometimes I'm a huge embarrassing failure, but my people still love me.

When we got home, I ran my very own 10-K, alone, how I like it best. I may have noticed a tear streaming down my cheek, because I am so dumb. When I finished, well, I still felt a little dumb. And, yes, I'm sure I'll be eating humble pie again...because deep down, I'm just a big, directionally challenged clutz.

Eight more days of school.

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