Friday, May 11, 2012

The Legacy

I document; I picture-take; I love for them.

I am the memory keeper.

For simple days; for unexciting, extremely ordinary days; it is here that I end my day.

Looking at my photos.

Remembering the smiles...

or the tantrums.

Sometimes I write about the not-so-great days; when everything is chaos and spilled milk and tears and screaming and I hate yous.

I want to remember those days too.

Time passes too quickly; and didn't I just give birth to this baby boy yesterday?

And her and him and her too?

I write to remember.

The good times, the bad, the birthdays, the lost teeth, the firsts; first bike rides, first soccer games, first, first, first. And I know that in just a short time I will be photographing first dates, first dances, first cars.

I write about running because it is my sanctuary, but my children are home.

I write about things that make me happy, simple things; drawing with chalk, blowing bubbles, sunshine and bare feet.

All of these things are everyday things; nothing spectacular...

just being.

But sometimes, just being; soaking in; marveling at; those are the most special times of all.

Definitely worth remembering.

And that is what I speak for.


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  1. This gave me goose bumps. I love it. So so perfectly pieced together. Those smiles...
    !!! I just had to read through again... love it!!!