Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Thought for Every Mile...

Sundays are for long runs; ten miles will do a soul wonders. Today I had one of those runs in which I didn't feel like I was even running. It was zen-like. It was cathartic; therapeutic; blissful.

My thoughts weaved together like long strands of a braid; waiting for them to be transferred to written word when I returned home.

I decided smiles are truly contagious; the face is a mirror; I'm going to smile as much as I can.

I decided to run as fast as I could up a hill; my lungs burned; they were screaming; it felt oh-so-good. I decided I'm going to do that more often.

I decided that my Color Run t-shirt is my favorite running shirt. When people pass me and they say to their buddy I want to do that run, and I holler over my shoulder, YES!!! You must!!! It was SO fun! and anyone that knows me, knows this is true.

I decided that The Color Run has been my very favorite race of all time...even though it wasn't a race.

I decided that I don't really LOVE my running shoes, and I want to really LOVE them. I want to have a pair that I buy over and over again.

I decided that I'm an artist at heart. I want to create beautiful things; take beautiful photos; write beautiful words.

I decided that simple things make me the happiest; a great run; a gorgeous sunrise or sunset; an unexpected hug; a genuine compliment.

I decided that when you wake up and say, Today is going to be a great day it usually is.

I decided that I'm a better person when I run; and my husband likes me better too.

I decided that I absolutely can NOT give up cream in my coffee. Skim milk is a horrible alternative; I need the rich, creamy, real thing...and why did I give it up anyway?

I decided everything really is better after that first cup of coffee; everything is doable; anything is possible. And as a bonus? Run a 10-miler after you drink that precious coffee, and you can move mountains.

An actual list for Stasha...


  1. I love when I can not only read the words of someone's passion but feel the passion behind them. You made me want to get off of my bum and go for a run and it is dark & rainy. Maybe I'll wait until the AM. ;-)

  2. Yes! Just the motivation I needed. I can only hope to hit the 10 mile mark. I'm so out of sync lately I'm lucky to do 10 minutes. I certainly like myself better when I do SOMETHING!

  3. I love your words. It is just what I needed to get me going this morning.