Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good, Better, Best...

We've had so many good days in a row, I've lost count. We've had the better kind of days that erase the memory of the bad ones; the fightingest ones; the tantruming ones; the yelling ones. I don't remember how many days since we've had one of those.

We've had the very best of days; the kind where I never want the days of summer to end. Sure you can stay up later; yes, we can stop for a treat; oh, you want a candy bar in the check-out lane? Well, of course you can my perfect, beautiful rays of sunshine.

I wish it were always like this; these best days of summer; these best days of parenting; never having to raise my voice or feel like the It's been unicorns and rainbows and sugary-sweet days over here. It has been wonderful. These are the memories I hope my kids remember.

Birthday bowling parties for a sweet little niece.

The three of them together just melt my heart.

 I was sitting by my mom and had to hold back tears while capturing these sweet moments.

 Baby girl was gettin' her groove on on the shiny yellow floor.

And, sipping her soda so sweetly on her papa's lap.

School supply shopping; me swallowing the lump in my throat as my baby boy heads to kindergarten. Writing about it has my eyes watering and my heart skipping a beat. Three weeks and counting to sobfest 2012...always waiting until I get back in the truck (of course). While I don't like the "back-to-school" part of the shopping, I most definitely love the actual supplies themselves. So much promise in sharp new crayons;

 so many stories to be told with fresh new No. 2's and a big pink eraser;

 so much to create with bright colored pencils.

I may have bought some shiny new markers and crayons for myself, and a new notebook, oh and maybe some new pens...that, and mascara (the waterproof kind of course so it won't run when I cry).

The two of them are the best of buddies right now; imagining themselves in Alaska, building fires, and teepees,  and being stranded in the woods.

Yes, these days have been the good, better, best kind of days. And, I don't want them to end.

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