Sunday, August 12, 2012

Feeling Inspired...

It rained today.

A slow, gentle, cleansing sort of rain.

The rain that usually has me running in it; jumping through puddles; letting the raindrops cleanse my soul, today had me burying myself in blankets; picking up my camera; and feeling...inspired.

The warmth of the sun is more my style; the bluest of blue storybook skies is my ultimate desire. But, today? Well, the gray skies had me thinking of crockpots, and sweaters, and the changing of seasons. And I felt...inspired.

Inspired to do something great; or be great at what I do.

Inspired to do better; be better; feel better.

I felt inspired to do every single piece of dirty laundry; washed; dried; folded; and neatly put away. I don't remember the last time I saw the bottom of my laundry baskets.

I felt inspired to give extra hugs; extra kisses; eat extra donuts (or four); be the tickle monster; make soup for dinner. It feels good to feel inspired.

And, apparently, my littlest one felt inspired to be creative today too. wall.

It's still raining, and my blankets are calling my name...

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  1. I need to be inspired to tackle my laundry and house. Just turned in a project and my house looks even worse than it usually does when I've let the housework side. Need to get my mojo going in the morning. Those raindrops on the green leaves did look cool and refreshing.