Sunday, November 25, 2012


That's what another runner told me on Thanksgiving morning; while we were basking in the warm sun and rolling up our shirt sleeves because we were too hot. I passed him as he was finishing and I was just starting, and we said good morning and he said enjoy.

If only he knew exactly how much I was enjoying that moment; the warm sun; the perfect run; the holiday glow in the coming days.

Enjoy this moment; this right now; this run; the pureness of it; and I kept repeating the word, like my new mantra; enjoy, enjoy, enjoy; Mumford and Sons on repeat; deep breath in; heart thumping; feet stomping; golden rays shining down; enjoy, enjoy, enjoy; sweat dripping; heart singing; leaves crunching; turkey's in the oven; enjoy this.

If I could slow down time, I would.

The number one reason I wanted an iPhone so badly was for the photos, the Instagram, the capturing the little things and enjoying the right nowness of it all.

I scroll through my camera roll (my already insanely huge camera roll) and remember each little moment; the nature walks; the sun rays; the sunsets; the clouds; the smiles; and I can almost hear the laughter coming through the pictures and right into my heart.

So, enjoying...

that's what I'm doing right now.

All photos taken with my iPhone...and linked up with Stasha's Monday Listicles.

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