Friday, November 16, 2012


Bad moments don't make bad mamas--Lysa Terkeurst, Unglued.

Yesterday was a day; one of those no-good-very-bad days I'd like to erase. I was not patient. I was tired, which is always the cause of my shortness. One child so completely needed my care and attention that the rest fell to the wayside; and I kept saying to myself I am being a really good mama, but to only one of my kids. Cue the guilt followed by sadness and it thankfully turned around by bedtime (too late, I know).

Today is another day, though; a bright sunshiny day with smiles and patience and hopefully enough hugs and kisses to make up for yesterday.

Our scavenger hunt-in-the-woods photos from last weekend. (Second grade spelling of the word "caterpillar").

Some photo outtakes of our Thanksgiving cards....

needless to say, I used none of these photos.

A tattooed girl, who weeks after Halloween still wants to put them on her face.

Sunset photo from Saturday night.

Happy Weekend.

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