Friday, November 2, 2012

Sugar High

I think the days of dressing up in cute costumes are over for this family. Instead we have scary pumpkin monsters; a crazy, blood-splattered, gross, scary, creepy thing of sorts; a goblin whose eyes glow...

This is her before...

 My husband let the kids pick out these spooktacular costumes...

except the 2 year old...

who is a cuter than cute puppy, carrying her puppy...

of course.

The votes for scariest costume go to...

How can this cute little boy want to dress in this? I'll never know. 

Thirty-six pounds of candy...yes, we weighed it, and yes, that is a lot. 

All Milk Duds and Sugar Babies and Rolos and 100 Grand Bars have been eaten by me. 

The crash after the sugar high is not a pretty one. 

Things are back to normal today. With all of the browns of winter, you can always count on my baby girl to brighten things more ways than one. 

And this gorgeous sunrise was captured a couple of days ago. No editing; straight out of the camera, baby. Don't mess with Mother Nature's colors, yo! 

Happy November!!! I love the holiday sparkliness of these next 2 months!!! 

P.S. You can follow me on Instagram now...I'm the proud owner of an iPhone...thanks to my wonderful husband. 
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  1. Congrats on the Iphone. Yes - the sugar crash isn't pretty! Love the pictures.