Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Remember...

when my babies were babies and we'd rock back and forth to the Sounds of Silence and dance around the house to some rockin' tunes and I'd sing in their ear and it would be out of tune.

I remember driving with my dad on cold winter nights and harmonizing to the melodies of The Boxer and Cecilia and Herman's Hermits and I'd get lost in the words and the sweet, simple tunes and I'd hum them to myself long after the music stopped. I still do this; this humming to myself; the songs may have changed but I'm still drawn to the same kinds of melodies and tunes.

I remember the smell of my sweet babies' heads in the middle of the night and it was just us two; we'd fall asleep on the couch and melt into each other's warmth; and I'd never want morning to come because I knew those tiny, precious moments would be over too soon; and I'd look back and think to myself, they grow so fast, and this is so true.

I remember being afraid of the dark and of being left alone and monsters in the closets and under the beds and behind the curtains and being snatched while walking to school and never seeing my family again.

I remember chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream in the dog days of summer; and my long, wild hair being forever in my eyes; and my ragdoll was never out of sight and I was sticky with the sweat of those long August days and freeze tag and riding bike.

I remember the first time I ran in the rain; and my anguished teenaged soul was cleansed and I fell in love of a different kind; and that love has never left me; it's as close as lacing up my shoes and running out the door and it always welcomes me with a mix of sweat and smiles and speeding steps towards an attitude of a happier kind.

I remember thinking rainbows are magic and blue sky is beautiful and there's nothing like seeing the sun rise or the sun set and once in a while rainy days are beautiful too.

I remember lazy beach days, not long ago, and flowers were in bloom and the colors and smells and sounds of summer assaulted my senses in blues and greens and sand and beach and coconut-scented sunscreen; and warm days faded into cool summer nights and I never wanted those days to end.

But they have and they did and the next two months are such happy months I hardly have time to miss those summer beach days; we'll get ready for feasts and trees and sparkly lights and traditions passed on from way back when and new traditions started from not so far back and in the midst of all this we'll remember to be thankful; and count our blessings; and I'll remember how truly lucky I more ways than one.

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  1. You remember with such passion and gratitude the little moments that secure happiness in our hearts. I love it!!

  2. Such a sweet post. I need to remind myself how lucky I am too!

  3. This is so, so beautiful, Jen. Your words as well as your images.

  4. They do grow up so fast! Wonderful reasons to be thankful :-)