Thursday, August 25, 2011

Morning Hugs, Goodnight Kisses

I lift my sweet girl from her crib; she nuzzles close. Kissing those plump, little cheeks as I smell her curly locks, still fragrant from last night's bath.

Coming out of the big kids' rooms; their eyes still sleepy; their arms wide open for their quick morning hugs.

All too soon, the fights begin.

The teasing girls; the wrestling boys.

The tattle-telling; the "she thought of it!".

The spilled popsicles on kitchen floors, when popsicles are only supposed to be eaten outdoors.

The pee on the floor from bad-aiming boys; the trail of toys from one year old girls.

In between the messes and tears and tantrums, I sometimes forget that they need the hugs and kisses and loves.

In between the time-outs and naughty corners and reprimands, they need to hear the "good jobs" and "I love yous" and "it's OK's".

The witching hour comes and goes; the baths that flood the bathroom floor; the ten or more pleas to "brush your teeth".

Then finally they settle; we read, we cuddle for a bedtime bottle.

The day of battles coming to a close; hopefully forgotten from little child-minds.

I tuck them in, all safe and snug, covers up to their chins...

Their arms wide open for bedtime hugs and goodnight kisses.

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