Monday, June 27, 2011

A 5-K For Hope

 I ran...

For a cause.

A good one.

Breast cancer.

The 5-K Run for Hope.
It was...

Inspirational...there were cancer survivors walking and running. There were runners and walkers supporting the survivors. There were runners and walkers doing this in memory of a loved one who lost their battle with cancer. And there were people like me, who wanted to RUN in hopes that their donation would help a little.

It was...awesome.

Next year...

I will get better pictures. To see the sea of pink at the starting line left me speechless.

Next year...

I will wear my pink shirt.

Next year...

I'm hoping it's not pouring rain at the finish line...POURING RAIN PEOPLE...we got soaked!

It almost didn't matter that I finished in 10th place, and got one of the nicest compliments from a patrolman/volunteer, "Holy cow! You should run the Boston!". I could have kissed him...but that would have been a little awkward. And it would be a lie if I said it didn't matter.

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