Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Sister

We often spend time and energy talking about people in our lives we don’t see enough of. Describe a person in your life you are in contact with often. What does he/she mean to you?
My big sister and I had a rocky start at the beginning.

She is 4 years older than me and wanted nothing to do with me was a little annoyed by my constant begs for her to play with me. Games, barbies, bike rides; she even taught me to read at a very young age, just so I would stop asking her to read to me.

As we grew, the begs turned into "borrowing" her clothes, her music, and everything else that I thought would make me "cool"; and that really made her mad.

And then something happened.

We both grew up.

We both got married.

We moved away from each other.

We started having kids.

We started talking...often.

And then we discovered texting...possibly the best modern invention for anyone with kids.

We text each other...A LOT.

We text about our kids. It's so nice knowing mine aren't the only ones beating the crap out of each other on a daily basis. 

We text about us, wanting to find the time to get together, but never seeming to FIND the time; baseball schedules, work schedules, and everything in between gets in the way.

We text about life, and the highs and lows and the rollercoaster we're sometimes on. 

In each other we have found a best friend, a confidante for life; each other knowing us from the beginning.

 Love ya sis!!

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  1. How sweet! I am an only child but I have two girls! I an prayerful that they will be forever friends like you and your sister! Visiting from Mama Kat 's!