Sunday, June 12, 2011


The wooden Chinese checker board awaits. The sunshine shape in the middle with multi-colored rays...which color would she be today?

She chooses with excruciating carefulness. All different shades of blue; two-toned swirls, clear with a tiger eye; careful not to leave out one of her favorites.

The smooth, cool marbles are clenched tightly in her tiny, sweaty fist. 

Will she be lucky enough to have her big sister play?

Not today. 

She lays on her tummy on the soft carpet, meticulously putting each marble in their colored triangle "home".

She'll play against herself, she thinks, what color should her opponent be? 

She lays her cheek down on the carpet, her tiny hand rolling the marbles together; the gentle tink-tink-tinking as they knock together. The colors mix and mingle in reds and greens and yellows; she gets lost in the mesmerizing swirls; to her they are beautiful.

The blues make her think of water; the water of her beloved lake; if she listens close enough, she can hear the gentle waves lapping against the side of the boat. The greens; the soft grass she runs barefoot in. The reds; the color of the roses on the bushes out back, whose thorns never cease to prick her, even after the gentle reminders of be carefuls are given. The yellows are the color of the golden sun; basking in its warmth on lazy summer days.

Lost in these daydreams, she doesn't know how much time has passed; she gets up and leaves the board as it is...hoping next time someone will play. 

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